“What is Ramadhan, Ummi?”

2 Jun

Bismillahi mashaAllah!

Alhamdulillah for Ramadhan.

Alhamdulillah for Quran.

Alhamdulillah for The Moon and Sun.

I Pray that this Ramadhan will bring Rahmah, Maghfirah and ‘Itquminannar for all of us amin!

When I first experienced Ramadhan in Tarim, one of the Ustazah said this and it has been on my heart and mind On every Ramadhan.

On the first 10 days in Ramadhan, Allah bless us with Mercy.

On the second 10 days in Ramadhan, Allah bless us with Forgiveness.

On the last 10 days in Ramadhan, Allah free us from the hellfire.

I’ve learned to embrace Ramadhan with a high expectation and hope to do every Ibadah just like in Tarim. But after marriage and with kids, I struggled. I’ve learned to make do and make du’a.

As I am explaining Ramadhan to my 4yo daughter, She asked: “Will I die if I fast?”

I said: “NO”

Then I decided to share and focus with her on something more wisdom than just being hungry.

We made a small Ramadhan Book using flashcards, and on every page we draw the speciality of Ramadhan.

Page 1: We draw Al-Quran.

Ramadhan is the month where Allah chose to give a big present to Prophet Muhammad, And that is Quran. So, we must make Al-Quran as our best friend forever. We must listen to Quran. We must read the Quran. We must bring the Quran. We must love the Quran. We must believe eveything in the Quran.

Page 2: We draw a Hilal- the Ramadhan Moon.

We sing the Qamarun Qasidah. And I shared with her the story where one Sahabah saw the beautiful moon. But when he saw our Prophet Muhammad, he said that our Prophet is more beautiful than the moon. There is Rasulullah in the Ramadhan moon.

Page 3: We draw a masjid.

Masjid is Allah’s house. And asked if she wants to see and meet Allah? So we need to go to masjid every night to meet Allah by praying. For now, she just play and see us pray tarawih. May one day she understand the beauty of tarawih.

Page 4: We draw a Sejadah.

I asked: Do you want Allah to come to your house?

She said: Yes! but how?

I said: Let us wake u for sahur for early breakfast, but before that we must pray 2 rakaah tahajjud and make du’a toys. Whatever you want, Allah is there to give.

She said okay!

But I don’t really know if she understands it. And she do wake up for sahr to play again. So it’s okay for now ๐Ÿ™‚

Page 5: We draw a garden.

Allah created a special JANNAH called Rayyan for people who are fasting. So those who do not eat and drink when the sun is up, and eat and drink when the sun come down for 30 days will enter this special Jannah.

She sweetly asked: “Will you enter Jannah with me?”

Can i cry and just hug you…:(

MashaAllah mashaAllah.

Yes it is surely not easy to train our kids to fast.

Just like prayers,

We need to train them when they are 7 years old and discipline them when they are 10 years old.

So mothers,

Let take it slow with our ย kids in Ramadhan.

Make do and make du’a.

May Allah put lights in our hearts.

May Allah put Al-Quran in our Hearts.

May Allah put Rahmah in our hearts

And may Allah accept all our fasting amd Ibadah.

Salam Jum’ah Mubarakah! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


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